Our exhibition programming is open to all art forms, but with a strong emphasis on installation and performance art. Resident Artists from across the country spend two-week residencies in Wichita to complete an installation of their work and act as catalysts with fresh ideas and dialogue. Local artists and writers, student groups and community members access the resident artist’s creative process and respond with new work through exhibitions, essays and/or events. Discussion sessions, artist talks, potlucks and exhibitions foster further creative explorations.

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Examining Structures, Roles, Processes and Practices

To Ensure They Are Fair, Equitable, and Anti-Racist

In 2018 Harvester Arts hosted JooYoung Choi for a residency. During her stay, a racist and sexist story was told, and collectively the founders’ inaction and dismissal of the artist’s concerns caused a hostile environment and pain and distress for her. We acknowledge the harm that was done and sincerely apologize. We regret that it has taken us so long to fully reckon with the situation. We also want to thank JooYoung for speaking up.

As a result, Harvester Arts has begun the critical work required to examine its structures, roles, processes and practices to ensure they are fair, equitable and anti-racist, and that our actions reflect these values. In light of this, the Harvester Arts Board of Directors is undergoing restructuring. We are actively engaging with a diversity and inclusion trainer to move the organization toward change and growth with accountability.

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Harvester Arts received funding for general operational support from the City of Wichita.

For 12 years, the City of Wichita has granted funding to local arts organizations to recognize, preserve and celebrate Wichita’s rich arts and cultural heritage - a heritage that has a tremendous impact on all residents’ quality of life.

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