Our exhibition programming is open to all art forms, but with a strong emphasis on installation and performance art. Resident Artists from across the country spend two-week residencies in Wichita to complete an installation of their work and act as catalysts with fresh ideas and dialogue. Local artists and writers, student groups and community members access the resident artist’s creative process and respond with new work through exhibitions, essays and/or events. Discussion sessions, artist talks, potlucks and exhibitions foster further creative explorations.

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A social sculpture culminating in a future tradition

Because of a slight wobble in the Earth’s rotation, the “North Pole” star position is not fixed. Jump!Star is a celebration of how a transition on the celestial scale would be marked and celebrated here on Earth. It’s an initiative to work with communities to invent the traditions – a thousand years in advance – to be passed down to commemorate the eventual changing of the North Star. Thanks to the support of the National Endowment for the Arts Our Town Grant Program and the Kansas Creative Arts Industries Commission, we are collaborating with Symphony in the Flint Hills and Chamber Music at The Barn to present Jump!Star as a “social sculpture” conceived and directed by American artist George Ferrandi. We’ll be researching, rehearsing, brainstorming and prototyping until June, 2019.

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