Meet Christine Wong Yap

Residence April 8, 2015 — April 26, 2015

All the Steps in the Process: A Research Project on Collaboration

For her capstone exhibition, Christine interviewed and gathered data from artists near and far on collaboration — touching upon the ups and downs of personal development and best practices. She employed this content to create an installation inspired by publication layout and featuring hand-lettered works on paper as well as a zine. (A “zine” [pronounced ZEEN in reference to a fanzine or magazine] is most commonly a small circulation, self-published work of original or appropriated texts and image.) “All the Steps in the Process” included submissions of collaborative creative projects from local artists, two videos, documentation of installations, screenprints and photography and tex.

Satellite ARTISTS

For each Resident Artist, at least two local Satellite Artists or groups are selected. Satellite Artists are tasked with taking an aspect of the Resident’s work, process, or ideas and creating new work in response. Satellite Artists have the opportunity to work closely with the Resident Artist. Satellite Artists may collaborate or produce independent work. Satellite Artists are responsible for an exhibition and receive a stipend of $250 each.

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