Meet Wayne White

Residence May 20, 2015 — May 30, 2015

Riverfest Sundown Parade

Los Angeles artist Wayne White launched Harvester Arts partnership with Wichita Festivals. Wayne conducted workshops for the public, worked directly with local artists, gave an artist’s talk to 300 attendees, and coordinated participating artists in the production of several large-scale cardboard puppets. These cardboard creations marched in the Safelight Sundown Parade on May 30 in front of a record crowd. Select pieces were displayed throughout RiverFest at Harvester Arts and Century II. A second showing took place at the WSU Ulrich Museum of Art following River Festival; select pieces of art can be viewed by appointment at Harvester Arts.

Wayne described his Wichita crew of assistants as “one of the best I’ve ever worked with. I wish I could take them with me everywhere.” Participating local artists used processes learned from Wayne White including sculpture, animation, and cardboard environments to create an exhibition titled “Corrugated Cellulose.”

Satellite ARTISTS

For each Resident Artist, at least two local Satellite Artists or groups are selected. Satellite Artists are tasked with taking an aspect of the Resident’s work, process, or ideas and creating new work in response. Satellite Artists have the opportunity to work closely with the Resident Artist. Satellite Artists may collaborate or produce independent work. Satellite Artists are responsible for an exhibition and receive a stipend of $250 each.

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Interested in participating with Harvester Arts? Harvester Arts is open to all art forms but does focus on installation and performative projects. Our residencies offer an opportunity for an artist to develop and experiment.

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