To offer tangible support and career development for the local creative community, we launched the Harvester Arts Fellowship program in 2017. Harvester Arts worked with 7 local artists to create a focused community of artists to foster dialog, offer practical support and feedback, professional development, exhibition development, and networking opportunities on a national scale. Our first class of Community Fellows was: Cheyla Clawson Chandler (dance, sociology), Hallie Linnebur & Meghan Miller (performance, community organizing), A.P. Vague (writing, media), Kristen Phipps (painting), Kevin Kelly (painting), Amanda Pfister (photography, community organizing).


For 2019-2020, we are re-framing our Community Fellows program to recruit and train the next class of fellows as creative placemakers and socially engaged artists with community impact at the core of their operations. We will provide mentorship, financial and practical support, and training for creative entrepreneurs.

Once creatives are empowered and trained as viable cultural producers with solid budgets, and identifiable and measurable goals, they become their own engines of creative placemaking. Artists need tools and agency to be effective drivers of these efforts in their communities and to execute projects that don’t just use artists’ talents but really foster growth and develop local creative resources.


The goals of the program include:

Empowering individuals with the skills and training to become cultural producers in Wichita, with a focus within downtown and surrounding neighborhoods as stipulated by the Knight Foundation.

Fellows will participate in training sessions on event production and planning facilitated by Harvester Arts. These sessions are open to the public and supported by funding from the Kansas Creative Arts Industries Commission. Sessions will focus on four central topics:


Fellows will be responsible for planning the following events:

The capstone project, event, or happening must meet the following criteria:

All Fellows efforts will be supported by Harvester Arts staff and outside mentors serving as guides in the process.

Each Fellow will be given a personal stipend of $2500 per year to support their time dedicated to these projects and seed money of $8,000 for the production of their capstone project. Fellows will be expected to raise additional funds. Harvester Arts will work with the Fellows to develop fundraising strategies to leverage this seed funding and fully cover the needs of each project.


Creatives, organizers, visionaries and any interested in being Fellows will need to apply HERE with the following information. Current students (18 & over) are eligible to apply.


Training sessions open to the general public will focus on four central topics:

General Timeline: