Call for Artists - Twice Removed: Native American Life After Relocation

August 4, 2023 | Kristin


Daniel Pewewardy is organizing Twice Removed: Native American Life After Relocation, an exhibition centered around present-day Indigenous life at the new community gallery at Wichita Art Museum. WAM’s community gallery is in partnership with Harvester Arts.

We are looking for area indigenous creatives to participate in a community ‘ledger art’ wall at the Wichita Art Museum as part of the exhibition.

What is ledger art?

For those not familiar with Ledger Art. Ledger Art is a traditional form of Native American art that gained popularity among Plains Native artists during the middle 1800s. It involved native artists creating artwork by using paper from discarded print materials like business ledger books as their drawing surface.

Traditionally, Plains Native art was crafted on buffalo hides, but due to the government’s efforts to eradicate the buffalo in the mid-1800s, Native artists turned to writing paper as a means to preserve and continue their artistic traditions. Initially, Ledger art was predominantly created by Plains artists, but over time, it has become a popular motif among contemporary Native artists from various regions.

Today, many Native artists from different backgrounds and regions embrace Ledger art as a means of connecting with their cultural heritage and expressing their artistic visions. This form of art serves as a significant link between the historical traditions of Native American art and its vibrant evolution in the modern era.

Want to participate? Daniel has made ledger paper available for those interested in participating.

Artists interested in participating should contact Stacy Holly at with your name, email address, and phone number.

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