Introducing Jump!Star

September 25, 2017 | kate

Join Wichita State School of Art, Design, & Creative Industries and Harvester Arts for a talk with artist George Ferrandi to learn about how you can be involved in a new project, JUMP!STAR! The talk will be held in the lobby at the Experimental Engineering building on the Innovation Campus at Wichita State University.

Thursday, September 28th 3:00 PM

JUMP!STAR is a social sculpture conceived and directed by George Ferrandi and presented by Harvester Arts, Symphony in the Flint Hills, and Chamber Music at The Barn. It’s a little known fact that the North Star that was overhead when the pyramids were built is not the same star as our North Star now (Polaris). In about a thousand years, a completely different star will be our North Star. Because of a slight wobble in the Earth’s rotation, the pole star position is not fixed. Our “guiding light” changes. Isn’t this amazing? We’re really curious how a transition on the celestial scale would be marked and celebrated here on Earth. We are planning
that party now and need your help! Join us to learn how musicians, dancers, scientists, artists, storytellers, foodies, and anyone interested can be involved.

JUMP!STAR is a celebration and an attempt to invent the traditions – a thousand years in advance – that can be hypothetically passed down to celebrate the eventual changing of the North Star. From now until a culminating event in 2019, JUMP!STAR will host workshops, lectures, performances, and events celebrating our collective future by honoring our new North Star.

This project is supported in part by the National Endowment for the Arts. More information can be found at



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